Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. That means that many of us will be very busy today with our various preparations. But when Friday rolls around, and you are taking it easy and enjoying the leftovers, your attention just might turn back to thinking of possible gift ideas for family and friends. If you like to sew, you might even find some free time to sit down in front of the sewing machine. Here is a quick and easy project that makes for a great gift. Pillowcases don't take too much fabric, they are quick to make, and with so many fabric choices out there, they turn out pretty cute. Team them up with a new pillow, and someone will be in for a great surprise.

Fabric needed for a pillowcase to fit a standard size pillow:

2/3 yd. of main fabric
1/3 yd. of secondary fabric
1/8 yd. of trim fabric

Cut the main fabric 24" x 42"
Cut the secondary fabric 12" x 42"
Cut the trim fabric 2-1/2" x 42"

Fold the trim fabric in half the length and press.
Fold the secondary fabric in half the length and press.

Stitch the unfinished edge of the trim piece to the unfinished edge of the secondary fabric. And then stitch to the main fabric. Stitch the bottom and side of the pillowcase, and that's all there is to it.

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