Monday, May 24, 2010

Oilcloth Options

I just love oilcloth; and since I have been selling it in my Etsy shop, it has been fun being able to have a variety to work with right here at home.  As a tablecloth, its cheerfulness just can't help but bring a smile to my face as we sit down to a meal.  I have plans to line all of my kitchen cabinets with it.  Won't that be fun to see a bit of brightness each time someone reaches into the cupboard for a glass or a plate.  But recently I decided there was another area of my kitchen that needed a bit of brightness.  You see, I have a very small kitchen with few cupboards, so a lot of my dishes I have sitting out on a shelf.  Recently I decided that lining the shelves with oilcloth just might make for creating a cheery spot.  So I looked through my oilcloth supply, and landed on the red with white polka dots.  Cheeriness achieved.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Sweet Vase

My grandmother was the world's best pickle maker.  Every summer she would work so hard canning up all types of pickles.  She would make dill, sweet, zucchini, lazy housewife, corn relish, pickled beets, and I'm quite sure there are others that are just not coming to mind at the moment.  I love my memories of her busy in her kitchen.  And of course one tool that she used over and over in her canning, as well as her baking, was a very cute measuring cup.  I now have the honor of being in possession of that particular measuring cup.  I don't use it as it is intended; but I keep it on my window sill as a sweet reminder of her.  But this time of year, I use it as a vase by filling up a small baby food jar with water, and placing it inside of the cup.  I just know she would approve.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Red Tulips

It would appear that nice weather is here at last.  The past few days have been so warm and sunny.  I have been able to begin my yearly task of getting all of the flower beds prepared for their pretty little flowers; as well as the vegetable garden for its yearly task of providing us with all sorts of goodies.  I love this time of year.  The work is tiring, and my muscles protest, but I stick with it.  The reward is tremendous!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sisters' Sale 2010

Yesterday I attended the 2010 Sisters' Sale in Spokane.  I had a great time.  We spent about an hour and a half just roaming around looking at all of the goodies.  My sister, Kass, has attended the sale for many years.  Last year she brought me, and I had such a good time, I have marked it down as an annual event not to be missed.  Here are a few of the fun displays that they had:

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I was blessed growing up with many cousins, uncles, and aunts nearby.  If we didn't live in the same town, we lived in towns not too far away to warrant an occasional visit.  Family picnics and reunions were just a part of growing up together.  I have older cousins and younger cousins.  Older cousins that I didn't play with when younger, but was familiar with nonetheless; cousins near my same age that I have many, many happy memories of our time spent together; and younger cousins that I am getting to know more and more as the years go by.  Family reunions are still well attended even though they are now planned by my generation rather than by my parents, aunts, and uncles. 

Our parents instilled in all of us the importance of family gatherings.  The importance of staying in touch even though the years roll by, and even though we are separated by thousands of miles.  We were also instilled with the idea that our parents, aunts, and uncles are to be honored.  This was all very evident to me when just this past weekend, with only two weeks notice, 56 family members from 7 different states, all gathered together to honor my aunt at a party.  A party that she requested after finding out she most likely has only two months left on this earth.  And it was a happy party.  Lots of memories, lots of smiles, and lots of young kids ..... all cousins, of whom I hope carry on the traditions of family picnics, family reunions, and knowing the blessing of honoring their parents, aunts, and uncles.