Monday, April 23, 2012

A Solution for Sprinkles

At my house we really do love sprinkles.  We have a growing collection because, quite frankly, when walking down the sprinkle section in a store, it is a bit hard to pass by the different jars filled with various colors of sparkling sugar without obtaining a new one.  They just make cupcakes and cakes all the more festive.  Currently I just keep my sprinkles in a little plastic box on my pantry shelf.  But this week I discovered a new way to store them.  My sister keeps all of hers in spice jars on display in her kitchen in a spice rack that used to be her mother-in-law's.  This way not only are they used as a cheerful decoration, but I'm thinking it would be a great reminder to me to bake more often just so I could use them on a more regular basis.  I don't think I would hear any complaints from my family if that were the case.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Vacation Time

I am currently on vacation visiting my sister in a much warmer climate than I live.  Where I live it is still very early spring weather, meaning rain, no blooming flowers, Trees still without leaves, and temperatures too cold for planting.  On the flip side, I am in a nice place where the farmer's market is going in full force selling beautiful strawberries:

And artichokes which we can't even grow up in our neck of the woods:

And speaking of flowers, my sister's flowers are gorgeous, and her roses are in full bloom:

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Stuffing Solution

Have you ever purchased a big of fiberfill (aka stuffing at our house) and after you used what you needed, wondered just exactly how you were going to manage to store the rest of the bag?  The bag always seems to be such an awkward size, and just lightweight enough to always want to fall off of a shelf.  My daughters came up with the perfect solution ...... stuff it into a jar.  I'm not really sure how long they have been storing it in this fashion, but it was only recently that I saw what they had done.  So I just happened to have a jar (approximately 8 inches high and 6 inches in diameter) that wasn't being put to any particular purpose.  I grabbed my large bag of stuffing, and proceeded to stuff it into the jar.  And you know what ..... it all fit!  It's amazing what little things can bring joy to me sometimes.  This jar now takes up so much less space, and is so much easier to store than the opened bag.  Besides it looks a lot cuter than the ugly old bag sitting here and there.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone.  I hope your day is spent with family, friends, good food, and fellowship.  It is a glorious day you know for He is risen!

Monday, April 2, 2012

An Alternate Use

Recently while shopping in our local Staples office supply store, my daughter and I noticed that they sell business card holders in their $1.00 bin.  After picking one up, my daughter had an aha moment.  You know that kind of moment when something just clicks in your mind.  She mentioned that these card holders would actually make great fingernail polish holders.  So I bought one, and actually have since returned to purchase more, to use for this new purpose.  I must admit for me it actually works great.  You can organize your bottles by color or however you would like to organize them, and you don't have to dig through several bottles to find just exactly which product you are looking for.  They make transporting them from room to room very easily as well.  And on top of it all, there is even room to store a few cotton balls behind the bottles.