Saturday, February 16, 2013

Everything Goes with Ice Cream

It is almost 8:00 in the evening as I write this.  I have been gone from the house all day, and came home kind of tired and in a put-your-feet-up kind of mood.  However, that mood quickly changed when I found a parcel on my doorstep from Amazon.  I had placed an order earlier this week, but wasn't even expecting it so soon.  Upon opening the package, my tiredness immediately disappeared and was replaced with a happy dance because inside was a book I've been looking forward to receiving.  It is called "Everything Goes with Ice Cream" by my blogging friend, Koralee Teichroeb.  Koralee is the resident blogger over at Bluebird Notes, which happens to be one of my very favorite blogs.  Since I've only just received the book this evening, I haven't had a chance to try any of the recipes; however, upon initial perusal, I know it is going to be such a fun book.  Not only is it filled with delicious looking recipes, she has also included craft projects, and little introductions to her daughters and a few of her friends that contributed recipes to the book.  It is filled with beautiful photography, which I'm going to guess is all by Koralee herself, being the amazing photographer that she is.  I can already tell that it will be a late night for me because I want to start reading through this delightful book and start planning on what I want to make first.  Stay tuned, I will keep you posted of everything I try.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Promise of Spring

This morning when I woke up I was greeted by light.  Something I think I typically take for granted.  As the days get shorter and shorter in the early part of winter, I notice the darkness; but when the tides shift and the days begin getting longer and longer, it surprises me on a morning like today when I all of a sudden realize that it isn't pitch black outside when I wake up.  It all causes my heart to rejoice because it's like a ray of hope that spring is truly on its way.  And to top it all off there has actually been sunlight streaming in the window this morning (a rare commodity around here in the winter) and birds are chirping merrily outside.  There is still snow on the ground, but that really doesn't matter, because the birds know what's around the corner.