Friday, January 29, 2010

A Touch of Spring

At this time of year, I always begin to get anxious for the arrival of spring. The flowers in the grocery stores beckon to me to please take them home. I start to realize that it seems a long time since I had fresh flowers in the house. Because I grow so many of my own flowers in the summer, it is always difficult for me to justify buying flowers. But the other day, I could resist the urge no longer. I decided we needed some brightness in the house that flowers tend to bring. So without hesitation, I stopped by the flowers at Costco, chose the ones that I wanted, and immediately put them in my cart. I'm so glad that I did. Just looking their direction warms my heart. I just might do the same thing next week.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Spring Fever

Typically the month of January is a very snowy month for us; however, this year we have had quite the opposite. It has been beautiful with many sunny days for the past two weeks. In fact we have only received probably a total of about 8 inches of snow this entire winter. Quite the opposite from last year! But with all of this sunshine, it is certainly putting me in the mood to get started with my annual seed planting. The other day I spied some wave petunia seeds at a local home improvement store. I love wave petunias, and plant them every year, but I haven't ever started them from seed. This coming week will change all of that though. I bought four different seed packets, and am so excited to get them going. Just as soon as I get my first little plant peeking up from its little bed of seed starting mix, I will let you know. I can't wait!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Pleasant Afternoon

As I noted in my previous post, my daughters and I attended the Pairs - Short Program competition at the National Figure Skating Championships on Friday afternoon. It was an amazing event to behold. Once we found our seats I took a moment just to look around. Our seats were up high; however, we could hardly have asked for a better view. We looked down exactly on the center of the ice, and could see perfectly.

I had brought along a pair of binoculars, and the four of us took turns with them just to be able to look around. They were unnecessary during the performances though ... we could see the skaters just fine. While the first round of skaters were warming up, it was my turn for the binoculars. I scanned over towards the commentators' booth, and there was Scott Hamilton sitting there looking as official as can be.

Because of the positioning of our seats, our pictures were a bit far way, so I'm going to borrow two of the official AP photos. The first picture is of the winners, Caydee Denney and Jeremy Barrett. They were very good, and skated with such strength and power. Now when we watch them at the Olympics in a few weeks, it will be so much more fun since we were able to see them skate in person.

The next picture is of my personal favorite set of pairs, Tracy Tanovich and Michael Chau. They didn't finish in the top to be eligible to go to the Olympics this time; however they are still very young (I think she is only 13), and have a great future in this sport. Their performance was very strong, well synchronized, and an overall joy to watch.

It was such a blessing being able to share this event with my daughters. A great big thank you goes out to my son for bringing this joyful afternoon into our lives. Thanks, Luke!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ice Skating Fun

This coming week the National Figure Skating Championships are being held in Spokane, Washington. (A very nearby city to me). For Christmas, my dear sweet son, gave me and my daughters all tickets to one of the events. So tomorrow afternoon we will be spending it watching the pairs - short program. This is the first time that any of us have seen an ice skating event performed live. I can hardly wait :o)

Monday, January 11, 2010


When I was quite young, my mom used Fiesta dishes as our everyday dishes. And then unforeseen events took place that gave her reason to look for ways to bring some extra happiness into her life. One of the ways was to replace her everyday dishes with her "special" dishes. She only kept a few of the Fiesta dishes, and our everyday dishes were replaced with Franciscan Apple dishes. All of us loved using her apple dishes; but there must have been something about the Fiesta dishes that remained a permanent fixture in all of our memories. Now out of 7 of her children, all 7 of us have Fiesta dishes as our regular dishes. It has been a gradual transition with I think my youngest sister, Peggy, being the last one to make the change. Of course she is the youngest (and one of the 5 sweetest sisters that I can possibly have -- yes, this includes you, Kass) and so it would make sense that she would bring up the rear. Besides that, we are never at a loss as to what to give someone in the family as a gift, because everyone loves to get more dishes.

The Fiesta dishes are so cheerful. It makes setting the table literally a joy as no meal goes by without someone setting the dishes out in particular color order, with that order always changing from meal to meal. Each person in my family has their particular favorite colors; and depending upon whom is setting the table, they usually manage to get their favorite in front of their place. My personal favorite I think is the scarlet; however, the peacock and tangerine are very close behind.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Over the past few days, I have been taking down my Christmas decorations. It is never as much fun taking them down as putting them up. When I put them up, there is an excitement in the air with great anticipation of the holidays yet to come. But when I take them down, it is just a lot like cleaning. However, for me it is a different type of cleaning. As I remove items from my windowsills, the top of the piano, end tables, etc. it does leave an empty spot; but, it also brings a feeling of freshness to my mind. It is at this time of year that I start thinking of doing some deep cleaning and making some changes around the house. Even though cleaning isn't always an enjoyable activity, the results are sure nice. And to start a new year with a freshness of spirit in this regard is certainly encouraging to me. So as I start turning my attention to some mid-winter cleaning, I think this little guy will stay out of the Christmas box for a while just to keep me company.

Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year

Well, here it is. It came so quickly this time. In a blink of an eye really. An entire year now behind me with all of its memories nestled in my head. I can't even remember the resolutions that I made at the beginning of last year, so this year I am going to do things differently. At the suggestion of my daughters, I think I will set some goals, with specific completion dates. And I'm not even going to make a long list of goals for the year ... that can just be too daunting. I'm just going to take things step by step throughout this year. When a goal is completed, I will then think about what my next goal should be. So my first goal of this year was to start the year off with huckleberry pancakes. Goal completed.

"For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope."
Jeremiah 29:11