Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Over the past few days, I have been taking down my Christmas decorations. It is never as much fun taking them down as putting them up. When I put them up, there is an excitement in the air with great anticipation of the holidays yet to come. But when I take them down, it is just a lot like cleaning. However, for me it is a different type of cleaning. As I remove items from my windowsills, the top of the piano, end tables, etc. it does leave an empty spot; but, it also brings a feeling of freshness to my mind. It is at this time of year that I start thinking of doing some deep cleaning and making some changes around the house. Even though cleaning isn't always an enjoyable activity, the results are sure nice. And to start a new year with a freshness of spirit in this regard is certainly encouraging to me. So as I start turning my attention to some mid-winter cleaning, I think this little guy will stay out of the Christmas box for a while just to keep me company.


Anonymous said...

I have that exact same sun catcher! I have it hanging in a south facing window and love it. I don't even remember where I found him... I will leave him there through February probably.
I smile when I think we share the same joy.


Anonymous said...

I get that same feeling when I take down our Christmas decorations. I love Christmas, but the house always feels fresher when the decs come down!


Sheila said...

Like you have done with this snowman, I try to leave some decorations up till the end of February and even mid march. Better yet, save them to put up after the Christmas decor is taken down.

We like to do some post New Year celebrating, too. Have some festive activities like enjoying hot chocolate and popcorn while looking at photos from the past. Anything to beat those early winter blues!

Sharon said...

What a great way to look at taking down our favorite decorations - a chance to clean. Now I just need to really tackle my office mess!