Monday, January 11, 2010


When I was quite young, my mom used Fiesta dishes as our everyday dishes. And then unforeseen events took place that gave her reason to look for ways to bring some extra happiness into her life. One of the ways was to replace her everyday dishes with her "special" dishes. She only kept a few of the Fiesta dishes, and our everyday dishes were replaced with Franciscan Apple dishes. All of us loved using her apple dishes; but there must have been something about the Fiesta dishes that remained a permanent fixture in all of our memories. Now out of 7 of her children, all 7 of us have Fiesta dishes as our regular dishes. It has been a gradual transition with I think my youngest sister, Peggy, being the last one to make the change. Of course she is the youngest (and one of the 5 sweetest sisters that I can possibly have -- yes, this includes you, Kass) and so it would make sense that she would bring up the rear. Besides that, we are never at a loss as to what to give someone in the family as a gift, because everyone loves to get more dishes.

The Fiesta dishes are so cheerful. It makes setting the table literally a joy as no meal goes by without someone setting the dishes out in particular color order, with that order always changing from meal to meal. Each person in my family has their particular favorite colors; and depending upon whom is setting the table, they usually manage to get their favorite in front of their place. My personal favorite I think is the scarlet; however, the peacock and tangerine are very close behind.


Lisa said...

I love Fiesta dishes and hope to get some one day soon! :)

Woman of the House said...

My daughter has Fiesta dishes as her everyday dishes. She began collecting them when she was . . . oh. . . about 13, I think. She's 19 and married now and loves using her dishes. There is an antique shop that is also a small Fiestaware outlet near my in-laws. This Christmas when we were visiting I got my dd a yellow pie plate for her birthday in July. I can't wait to give it to her! I collect and use blue transferware myself, but you can't beat Fiesaware for cheeriness. :-)

Sheila said...

I would love to have some of these. The blues are gorgeous and the shapes, those are festive in themselves. I think it (using nice dishes) is a great way to make dinner that much more special.

Oh, the tablecloth is cheery too!