Friday, June 22, 2012

A New Season

Two days ago brought in a new season to our year, but it also brought a new season into my life, for it was the day that my father-in-law was ushered into his heavenly home.  To some that may lead you to say you are sorry for my loss.  However, knowing him was so much more of a gain in my life that the word loss just doesn't even enter into my thoughts.  He was the model of perfection as a father-in-law.  From day one he made me feel a complete part of the family.  His kindness that he has shown me over the years is just beyond words, and his generous spirit is almost overwhelming.

We have been extremely blessed to live only minutes away from him for a very long time, and that has afforded us with so much time that we have been able to spend with him and my mother-in-law.  I am deeply grateful for every minute of these past years that I have spent knowing him.  He will most definitely be missed, but my heart is so full of rich memories of him that I'm quite sure they will tide me over until I see him once again in heaven.

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law have both written tributes to him here and here just in case you would like to read more about such a remarkable, Godly man.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Little Bluebird

I finished a little project and just had to share a picture.  My daughter has made several of these, and they looked like so much fun, I decided I needed to make one as well.  We found the picture via Pinterest, but the original pattern is found here.   It was so much fun to make.  The legs are a bit tricky the first time; however, my daughter assures me that it gets easier with each new bird.  Now I just need to find the perfect name for him ....

Friday, June 15, 2012

A Sunflower in Miniature

A couple of months ago, my youngest daughter and I started some little sunflower seeds indoors.  They came in a kit which included the seeds, a very little pot, and a little disc of potting soil that only needed to be soaked in water after which it filled the little pot.  The seeds sprouted, and have been growing in their little environment on the window sill.  And now we have a little teeny tiny sunflower blooming in the house.  Its diameter is only about an inch, and it really is the cutest little miniature sunflower that I have ever seen.  Actually it is the first miniature sunflower I've seen, and I must say, it is quite a cheerful sight to see.

Friday, June 8, 2012

A Little Symbol Deciphering

For years now labels on clothes have included "laundry care symbols".  And for years now, I haven't had a clue what they mean.  I am very particular when it comes to doing my laundry, and always follow the instructions as they are printed.  I want to get the best wear out of our clothes, and so anything I can do to lengthen the life of them is okay with me.  Recently, however, a few new articles of clothing have come through the wash without any "words" printed giving the proper instructions ..... only those little symbols.  So I have been forced to try and decipher just exactly what they mean.  It really doesn't seem to be that difficult, and perhaps all of you already figured this out years ago when someone deemed it a necessary thing to do.   But just in case there is someone out there like me that hasn't taken the time to figure them out, here is a little chart which links to a better chart with a pdf version that you can print up and have handy right in your laundry room:

Now, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief ......

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Highlights from The Farm Chicks Show

Attending the Farm Chicks Show on Sunday was very much of a treat.  As always, it was a bit overwhelming; however, I think of it as a good type of overwhelming.  There are so many things to look at, I think that one could literally spend a week just wandering from booth to booth.  We only had one day so we made the most of it.  I can't really say that I had a favorite vendor .... they all seem to be good with a large variety of items throughout the show. 

Here is a picture of the big sign on the silo.  I have taken the same picture in previous years, but it just seems right to have a new picture each year.  This and the "howdy" sign that you see as you turn into the parking lot just seem to set the tone for the adventure that lies ahead:

One of my favorite sightings was this old sink planted with pretty flowers.  I think it looks so charming; and possibly one day I will plant a similar one right outside of my one day greenhouse.  It was set into what looked like an old potting bench:

A string of lights made out of canning jars ..... I think this is so cute, and would be such a great idea used in just the right spot:

A vintage embroidery that says "Laundry".  I can't remember if it was on a laundry bag or not, but I thought it would really be cute just to embroider a similar one, frame it, and hang it on my laundry room wall:

This booth caught my eye because of the big word "sisters".  It immediately made me think of all my sisters, and how much I like to spend time with them.  If we were to ever all be able to attend a Farm Chicks Show together, I can only imagine we would have just about the best time ever:

And last, but not least, these two little shakers.  One might not think too much of them initially; however, if you think about it, no one uses a flour shaker now.  But back in the day it only makes sense that a woman would have a flour shaker because of all of the bread and pies that she would make that would require frequent dusting of flour:

The 2012 show is barely past, but I have actually already added it to my calendar for 2013.  Serena really has it all dialed in putting on this show.  I honestly can't think of any improvements that she could make ..... it is simply perfect.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's Time Once Again .....

Today I am off to attend one of my favorite annual events -- The Farm Chicks Antiques show in Spokane, Washington.  Serena does a great job of putting this together each year.  In fact I'm really not quite sure how she manages, but every year she seems to make it better than the last.  Stay tuned for some pictures of my favorite highlights from the show .....

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Start of Summer Vacation

Today is June 1st.  In our house that means that summer vacation is officially here ... three months ahead of us filled with different kinds of learning, warm weather, and fun.  I have been telling myself this morning that I need to make the most of my three months ... make every day count.  I don't want to come to the end of August wishing that I had done more and made better use of my time.  So I hereby declare to all of "blogland" that this is what I hope to accomplish this summer:

(All pictures are from things I've been inspired by and "pinned" on Pinterest)

Have an amazing garden:

Grow beautiful flowers:

Have tea parties:

Partake in some fun sewing and embroidery:

Spend time in the kitchen making wonderful desserts:

Create a cute craft room:

Go on lots of picnics:

Read lots of books:

and write more blog posts:

I think that pretty much sums up some of my hopes for the summer.  What are some of your goals?