Monday, April 2, 2012

An Alternate Use

Recently while shopping in our local Staples office supply store, my daughter and I noticed that they sell business card holders in their $1.00 bin.  After picking one up, my daughter had an aha moment.  You know that kind of moment when something just clicks in your mind.  She mentioned that these card holders would actually make great fingernail polish holders.  So I bought one, and actually have since returned to purchase more, to use for this new purpose.  I must admit for me it actually works great.  You can organize your bottles by color or however you would like to organize them, and you don't have to dig through several bottles to find just exactly which product you are looking for.  They make transporting them from room to room very easily as well.  And on top of it all, there is even room to store a few cotton balls behind the bottles.


Jan said...

Cute idea!!

koralee said...

Great idea~ sending you ooooodles of Blessing for a wonderful Easter. xoxo