Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Stuffing Solution

Have you ever purchased a big of fiberfill (aka stuffing at our house) and after you used what you needed, wondered just exactly how you were going to manage to store the rest of the bag?  The bag always seems to be such an awkward size, and just lightweight enough to always want to fall off of a shelf.  My daughters came up with the perfect solution ...... stuff it into a jar.  I'm not really sure how long they have been storing it in this fashion, but it was only recently that I saw what they had done.  So I just happened to have a jar (approximately 8 inches high and 6 inches in diameter) that wasn't being put to any particular purpose.  I grabbed my large bag of stuffing, and proceeded to stuff it into the jar.  And you know what ..... it all fit!  It's amazing what little things can bring joy to me sometimes.  This jar now takes up so much less space, and is so much easier to store than the opened bag.  Besides it looks a lot cuter than the ugly old bag sitting here and there.


Saphy Daniels said...

And it looks great. ! would look fab on any shelf!

koralee said...

Hey what a great idea..never thought of my friend are so clever. xoxox HUGS