Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Sweet Vase

My grandmother was the world's best pickle maker.  Every summer she would work so hard canning up all types of pickles.  She would make dill, sweet, zucchini, lazy housewife, corn relish, pickled beets, and I'm quite sure there are others that are just not coming to mind at the moment.  I love my memories of her busy in her kitchen.  And of course one tool that she used over and over in her canning, as well as her baking, was a very cute measuring cup.  I now have the honor of being in possession of that particular measuring cup.  I don't use it as it is intended; but I keep it on my window sill as a sweet reminder of her.  But this time of year, I use it as a vase by filling up a small baby food jar with water, and placing it inside of the cup.  I just know she would approve.


Kar said...

Absolutely love the measuring cup! How wonderful to have something that memorable from your grandmother. And homemade pickles, haven't had those in years. That would be so awesome!

rose said...

Love the idea of keeping a speacial item of our loved one. My mother had this rollong pin that she used many times in her baking I cheris it and have it up on my kitchen wall. HAVE A GOOD DAY.

Woman of the House said...

I love it in all its vintage-y goodness! Good idea to use it as a vase!