Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Dishtowels are obviously a necessity. They are something that are used so frequently that they do need replacing every now and then. I think they make a perfect gift because no matter whom the recipient might be, they can typically always use a new dishtowel. Personally, I love to get new dishtowels. To place a new dishtowel in my kitchen just seems to make everything look new and chipper.

My dishtowels are categorized into three separate piles. I have the oldest ones that look so pitiful they are only used basically as rags when a bad spill happens or some such event that I really don't mind if the towels should get stained. Then I have my middle-of-the-road towels. They are still good for all intents and purposes, they just aren't as bright and cheerful as they once were. And then I have my good dishtowels. This is made up of my current favorite towels. Their colors are still bright and new looking. In the mornings when I decide which towel to set out for the day, I always reach for this pile first. Sometimes I just take whichever towel is on top; and other days I actually take a moment and decide which one I would like to set out. Recently, when a couple of my good towels made their way to the middle-of-the-road towel pile, I decided to get a couple of new ones. I went with red -- it just seemed the most cheerful at the time.

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