Friday, November 14, 2008

Freezing Bananas

I have recently been reading through a cookbook that my daughters checked out at the library. It is entitled, "The Sweet Melissa Baking Book". This is an awesome cookbook. In fact I have decided that it is one that I will need to purchase some day to add to my collection. I plan on making a recipe out of it this weekend. It is called "Mom's Banana Apple Bread". It sounds like such a good idea to combine the apples and bananas in a quick bread. At the end of the recipe, the author gives a wonderful tip that I have never thought of before. She says that if your bananas turn black before you are ready to bake with them, you can peel them, puree them, and store them in an airtight plastic container in your freezer. Apparently the bananas will keep a very long time, and just need to be defrosted before using them. This is great news for me because I typically make plans to make banana bread, but then the bananas go bad before I get a chance to actually make the bread. I really don't like having to throw the bananas out, but now I don't have to. In fact the other day I did freeze some. I didn't puree them though, I just mashed them up with a fork like I normally would when I bake with them. And having a store of frozen mashed bananas in my freezer means I can make banana bread at a moment's notice instead of buying bananas and waiting for them to soften up.


Claire said...

I'm a new reader, routed through to you from Nancy's Femina blog. I've appreciated all I've read, so thank you! This is a nice little tip about bananas, but why not go one better? If you freeze them in their skins, you can simply defrost slightly, snip the ends off with kitchen shears, squeeze the banana out of the tube, and it's already mashed. Worked terrifically well for me.


Monica said...

Claire -- This really sounds like a great idea -- thank you so much for sharing it. I have a few bananas that are turning that I can try it out with right now. Thanks again!! And thanks for stopping by as well.