Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Little Bears

My two oldest daughters are very talented, especially when it comes to making tiny little things by hand. When they were quite young, they began sewing things by hand. They would make little stuffed animals and dolls for themselves to play with. Some form of clothing was always included with each little toy. At one point their grandmother gave them some suede cloth and a little tiny pattern for a miniature bear. They took to it immediately, and seem to have no difficulty at all working with such teeny tiny seams. For years one of my girls would enter one or more of her bears in the local fair. She won Grand Champion ribbons several times for her work. I would always be the honored recipient of one of her fair entries. Both of them though also have given me several bears as gifts. Each bear is only about 2 inches high. Here is a picture of my little collection:

All of the bears seem to have their own little personalities:

Most of them are made out of suede cloth, with a few out of felt. Some of them go together, and could never be separated:

There is even a king and queen in the back of the group. All in all a very happy bunch!


Annie said...

I love those bears.. and as a matter of fact, I have one!! It's a Christmas ornament and she is pink with cute slippers.

Your girls are SO talented... and they get it from YOU!


Anonymous said...

Sweet! What talented young ladies!


Sheila said...

What an incredible and special collection! They should start a little side business; those are really great.