Monday, January 26, 2009

24 Hours in a Day

I realize that there are 24 hours in each day. But I tend to think that some people actually have more hours in their day than I have. I know that my days go by very quickly being filled with home school, laundry, cleaning, preparing meals, and the usual day-to-day activities that we all have. I try to squeeze extra moments in here and there for reading and sewing. Usually those moments are in the evening; but I am an early to bed type of person, and so the evening moments aren't many. Sometimes I begin thinking that I just never get anything accomplished. For the past two years though I have begun a finished project list. Whenever I finish something, I jot it down in my little notebook, being sure to add the month it was completed. This way when I am feeling like I don't accomplish much, I reach for my notebook, and realize that I actually did get a number of things made throughout the year.

I still think that some people actually do get more than 24 hours in their days. I know of two women that surely must. I enjoy looking at their blogs because it is so inspirational to see how many projects they finish up in a very short amount of time. I don't think I could ever finish projects at their pace; but by reading about their successes, it makes me feel hopeful that if I just continue grabbing a moment here and there to work on my projects, they will get done. If you would like to see some beautiful crocheting, embroidering, and applique, then I highly recommend you take a look at Knot Garden and A Passion for Applique.


Sheila said...

I certainly know the feeling of seemingly accomplishment much of nothing. I sometimes will make a to do list and begin it with things I know I will get done so that I will have something crossed off of it!

I love the blogs you referred your readers to. Maybe you girls could give some instruction for these wonderful projects you make so that someone like me (who is not very good with needlework and doesn't follow written instructions well) can make the same things. I loved those little hens you made for pin cushions.

Monica said...

Sheila, I also put at least one thing on my to-do lists that I know for sure I will do just so I can cross it off as well. That's funny. I bet a lot of people must do it.

And maybe sometime I can get creative enough to post a project along with instructions and pictures. My chicken pin cushions were a variation of a purchased pattern so I wouldn't be able to do it with them.

Sheila said...

Well, you have shown many great projects you have worked on. I will look forward to any you may be able to share:)