Saturday, January 17, 2009


Of all of the needle and hand arts, embroidery is undoubtedly my first love. I didn't discover it until I was in 7th grade. At the time I was more interested in any kind of sports activity. We had moved to a new town, and I was amazed at all of the different sports offered for girls at my school. I signed up for every single intramural sport offered throughout the school year. Previous to our move, softball, tether ball, and jump rope were about all that was ever available for girls to play. But then in the spring, one of my sisters was in a serious car accident, and was laid up in bed for quite some time. She was unable to go up and down the stairs, so my parents set up a bed for her in our dining room. It seems as if my sister, Molly, had always been a fabulous seamstress. She could also knit and crochet; and seemed to excel at anything she laid her hands on. During her recovery time, she picked up embroidery. I remember being very fascinated with her work, and wanted to try it myself. There was something about it that I really enjoyed doing. I had never seen any of my friends doing any kind of sewing or hand work, and thought that I had better keep my new found hobby to myself. I guess it was just that good old public school peer pressure coming into play. But I didn't let it stop me from enjoying my embroidery. I have continued to embroider ever since. It was always one of the first things that I taught my kids to do as well. When each of them turned approximately 3 years old, they would always want to embroider with me. So I would give them a piece of cross stitch cloth, and a blunt needle, and they would have so much fun sewing with me. I saved all of those little projects that each of them had made. They hold sweet memories.

Last year I began a snowman redwork project. The pattern is entitled "Winter Wonderland" by Crabapple Hill. This is the first redwork that I have ever done. I only completed one block last year before I got busy with all of my gardening activities. But this year, I have placed this project on one of my lists of projects to finish during the year; and hope to continue on with it even through the busy gardening months. Here is a picture of my one and only completed block:

And here is a picture of the one I am currently working on:

And just to get back to my sister, Molly, for a moment. She did recover from her car accident just fine. And she has always been a source of inspiration to me. Even now, I still always think of her as being able to sew or make anything. She is extremely talented, and I am blessed to have her as my sister.


Sheila said...

I would love to work with embroidery, I am just not patient enough I suppose. Especially if I were trying to do it with my little children. My youngest daughter is still begging me to let her cook.

Sisters are wonderful, aren't they. They are always so willing to listen and teach and encourage. You sister sounds wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how sweet! Be sure to show us your finished quilt!

I'm working on embroidery projects for both my girls~~pillowcases for the oldest and a table runner and doilies for my youngest. My youngest is working on her own pillowcases, too. My oldest tried embroidery but wasn't patient enough. She said it was too repetitive. :-(