Friday, February 3, 2012

Making Hamburger Buns at Home

I've mentioned numerous times how much of a fan I am of King Arthur Flour.  I enjoy looking around their online store  since they happen to be clear across the country from me, and I also frequent their blog.  I believe it was last spring when they posted a recipe for hamburger buns that caught my eye.  I tried them, and it was a big hit at our house.  And now I can hardly bring myself to buy hamburger buns in the store any longer.  If you have a bread machine, it makes these buns so simple to make.  You just need to start them early enough in the day so that they will be ready for dinner.  Here is the link to the recipe, and I promise you will love them.


Sheila said...

I think I first read about King Arthur's site on your blog and now I am a huge fan.

These would have gone great with our dinner tonight but I didn't see them soon enough. We just used cheapo hamburger buns from the store.

Kathy said...

They look wonderful! I'm sure they smell divine too!
I'm ashamed to say I've never made bread.

Patty said...

Here I go to brush the dust off my bread machine to give these a try - they look yummy!!!!

Molly said...

Chuck made these for our Super Bowl doo-dah yesterday, and they are GREAT! Thanks for posting Your sister Molly