Monday, February 20, 2012

I've Found Pinterest

I realize that most likely many of you are already either on or have heard about Pinterest.  It is only a recent discovery for me, and I must say that I am enjoying it very much.  At first I wasn't really sure what it was, but after I was finally able to join, I was pleasantly surprised.  The reason I say "after I was finally able to join" is because you can't just join.  You have to be "invited".  I had requested an invitation directly from Pinterest several times all without any response.  Finally I requested an invitation from one of my good friends, and then I was easily hooked up.

For me I liken it to clipping pictures and articles from magazines; however, instead of keeping files of clipped images from magazines at home that I tuck away in a file and most likely will never look at again, it is like being able to "clip" pages from different blogs and various parts of the internet, and keep them right at my disposal.  All of the images are automatically linked directly back to their sources, so right at your fingertips you have all of the recipes you have "pinned" or directions to craft projects that interested you.  Really anything that you can possibly think of you can find, organize, and keep track of on Pinterest.

If you are interested in joining in on all of the fun, I have placed a button on my sidebar that should take you directly to the website.  If for some reason you have a difficult time in getting an "invitation", just e-mail me and I can send you one.

In the meantime, here is a sample of a very cheerful picture that I "pinned" this morning.  Kind of a fun way to start the day.


Kathy said...

Oh Pinterest is soooooo addictive!

Patty said...

Pinterest - my fav new addiction - so many projects, so little time!!!!
Someday though!

koralee said...

Oh I love that Pinterest...but I have to stay away as I can spend hours on it...happy pinning!

Sheila said...

I had the same trouble with getting an invite. I requested one a couple of times in the past year without a response. I think on my third request to Pinterest, I finally got a response immediately. I've enjoyed having the visual bookmaring and organizing tool so readily available.

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

I found Pinterest about eight months ago and am loving every minute of it!! My friends are finally joining now, too. Happy pinning!! : )

~ Wendy