Sunday, February 12, 2012

Saturday's Book Choice (on Sunday yet again)

The title, Desserts to Die for, by Marcel Desaulniers says it all.  This cookbook is filled with so many wonderful and amazing recipes.  I'm not sure how many times I have read through it, but each time I do I am inspired to get out in the kitchen and bring his words to life.  Not to say that each time I am inspired to do so, it actually gets done, but I am inspired nonetheless.  I have made a few things out of this book, and each time it isn't a disappointment.  He gives very clear and detailed instructions on how to accomplish these amazing desserts, and even though they can be a long time in the making, the end result never disappoints.  The author even breaks down the recipes into possible steps that can be made a day or two ahead of the date that the dessert is needed just in case you want to spread the process over a few days.  The recommended ingredients are easily found, and unless you just really don't like to spend time in the kitchen creating incredible desserts, then I suggest you at least check for this book at your local library and give it a try.  If nothing else, simply reading through the pages and looking at the amazing pictures will be satisfying in itself.

Desserts to Die for


Florence said...

I will have to check this out. Florence

koralee said...

Wow..this looks lovely...I am all about lovely images in a cookbook...if it doesn't have photos I never buy it.
Happy Valentine's Day to you tomorrow. xoxoxox