Sunday, July 5, 2009

California Poppies

I love flowers; and because of this, I have quite a few flower beds around my house. As each type of flower blooms, I never fail to enjoy its beauty. My flowers never get tiresome to me, and even though it takes so much work to keep them beautiful, it is entirely worth it. When God created flowers in so many different varieties, He obviously knew what a delight they would be to me.

This week I thought I would share my California Poppies with you. They are so delicate, and never last if I pick them for a bouquet to bring inside the house. Thus I enjoy them outside. And they are wonderful because they simply reseed themselves year after year. This means they come up in a new spot each year; but to me that is just part of the fun of gardening.


Jennifer D said...

Beautiful, I LOVE the third photo.

Sheila said...

California poppies are one of my favorites too! I tried planting some red ones this year but haven't seen them yet.

I agree, the third photo is incredible!

Anonymous said...



Florence said...

Those are beautiful poppies and the one with the sky shinning down through them is really awesome.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Lancaster, California, as a small girl. I have fond and glorious memories of driving with my parents to Palmdale to visit Grandpa and Grandma, seeing fields and hills carpeted with these cheerful, beautiful poppies. I never fail to be thrilled with their vivid color against the clear blue sky. Thank you for sharing your delight in them with us through the lense of your camera. True beauty!