Friday, July 17, 2009

Zucchini Anyone?

It is that time of year once again. You know, when the zucchini plants begin to produce, and it brings such great excitement. They are so delicious, and you just can't get enough of them. Two weeks go by, and you begin to wonder just how many different ways there are to use up all 12 of the zucchinis sitting on your cupboard just waiting for some attention. Perhaps I can help. I had an idea that I would dedicate a little sidebar on my blog for links to some of your favorite zucchini recipes. If you would like your recipe included, just leave the link in your comment, or you can also e-mail me if you don't feel like making any comments.

To start it all off, I will post one of my favorite zucchini recipes. We are still in the excitement phase, and actually I never tire of this recipe all summer long. Now, just exactly what shall I entitle this no-name recipe ........ I guess I will go with something very uncreative:

Stir-Fried Zucchini

In a saucepan, heat a couple of tablespoons of olive oil. While that is heating, chop up one sweet onion, and then add to the pan. Slice or chop up however many zucchinis you would like to have for dinner, and add to the onions once the onions are somewhat translucent. Once the zucchini is almost tender, add garlic. Now I like to add a lot of garlic, but you could choose to add any amount you would like, or none at all. At this point I also sprinkle with pepper. Your favorite seasoning of choice would also be just perfect. Cook until the zucchini is tender, and enjoy.

Later on in the summer I also add yellow squash to this recipe, and I have been known to add pea pods as well. It is so easy, yet so delicious. And as I write this, it is truly dinnertime, and I do in fact have several zucchinis just sitting on the cupboard waiting for some attention.


the ungourmet said...

This is so me right now. I found the biggest zucchini in my garden today. No idea how I missed it for this long. I have about 10 to use up! I've been eating every day!

I'm thinking of putting some out at the end of my driveway with a "free" sign. :0)

Sheila said...

I love squash and zucchini but don't grow it and unfortunately don't have any favorite recipes with it.

My mom ate it all the time while I was growing up, and I did not appreciate it. Now I am in her shoes. I am the only one in my house of 9 who eats it! I just like to pan fry it with some butter or par boil it in some chicken broth to add a bit of flavor.

Yesterday someone at church gave me some yellow squash from her garden. I am looking forward to having it!

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY said...

This looks really good. I'll definitely try this one.

Now that I've decided what's included in the dinner menu, I must now figure out how to get my kids to eat it too-lol.