Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Yearly Bath

When my daughters were younger, one of their favorite pastimes during the warm summer days, was to take their favorite dolls outside to give them a bath.  And most of those favorite dolls had a cloth body.  So after the dolls were thoroughly washed, they would be laid out on a towel in the hot sun to dry.  This also would include a soft Raggedy Ann.  It always took a couple of days to dry; but while waiting for the dolls to dry, the doll clothes would then be washed and hung on a line.  This entire process actually kept the kids occupied for quite some time; and it would always make me smile to see their busy little hands taking care of their little dolls.


rose said...

sounds like a good memory.

Kar said...

That is so sweet! So wonderful to have memories such as that. :)