Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Farm Chick Finds -- Part 2 of 3

Here are a few more fun things that I saw at the Farm Chicks Show this weekend in Spokane:

A child's pair of red cowboy boots.  My dad would have highly approved of these.  He loved buying cowboy boots for the kids, and red was his favorite color:

Creative use of an old cooler (I love the pinwheels):

Raggedy Ann and Andy at the Seven Sisters booth (they sell the best brownies ever, by the way):

A creamer and sugar in the most beautiful shade of yellow.  I really would have liked to have purchased these; but for some reason, I decided to be practical realizing I don't really have a place to display them.  What was I thinking --- that really has never stopped me before:

And finally, this sweet little picture.  This young girl is feeding the birds bread crumbs.  I really liked this print; however, the price was too steep for me.  If anyone knows the name of it, please share, as I would like to find it some day.

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rose said...

i especially love the pic. have a good day. rose