Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Special Day

Friday was a special day.  And because of last Friday, today is a special day as well.  Friday was our last day of school, and that makes today our first day of summer vacation.  That just sends joy through my heart -- and I'm the teacher.  I can imagine my daughter will be feeling the same emotions when she wakes up in a bit. 

When I was a little girl, our last day of school was like a magical day.  We would always spend it in the usual fashion of turning in books and gathering up our supplies.  One particular school that I attended would then go on a big picnic -- all of the grades together.  I can remember my mom would put a special treat in my lunch that day --- a twinkie!!  We never had twinkies; and so I can remember the thrill that went through my little heart seeing such a treasure in my lunch.  After the picnic I gathered all of my belongings together in my red book bag, and headed for home.  Once home, I would set all of my dolls up on chairs in nice straight rows, take out my used school supplies, and begin to teach school to my dolls.  What a fun time I would have!

This year our last day of school was an extremely rainy one -- so there were no picnics that were going to take place.  Instead we went to the library, and didn't even have to rush.  After the library we walked across the street to a delicious bakery, and enjoyed a hot drink along with a very calorie laden pastry.  It was a nice afternoon.

This morning however opens up all kinds of possibilities for the next few months.  More regular blogging, spending hours in the garden, sitting out in the warm sun with a good book, catching up on sewing projects, making jam and pickles, boating ........... ahhhhh, the list goes on and on.  I love summer vacation!!


rose said...

just enjoy the summertime. rose

Jan said...

I am sooooo envious! We aren't quite there yet with our school.
Maybe a week or two more.

I love reading your memories...it reminds me of so many fond memories of my own. ;-)