Thursday, May 14, 2009

They're Back

Each year around Mother's Day, the hummingbirds make their first appearance in our neck of the woods. Their short little visit with us is typically from May to August; and throughout the summer we enjoy watching them so much. They are quite entertaining. I do make up my own hummingbird food for them; but as of this morning, I hadn't gotten any mixed up quite yet. I was looking out my sliding glass door when a little hummingbird came right up to the glass and paused just long enough as if he was saying, "we're back .... and where's our food?" So I immediately reached for the sugar and water and mixed some food up for the cute little birds. It is cooling on the stove at this moment, and in short order I will fill up their little feeders to welcome them back to their summer home.

Just in case some of you don't make up your own hummingbird food, here is the recipe I use. It is different than the typical 4:1 ratio of water and sugar; but my brother, Pat, came up with this recipe, and they really love it more than the other.

Hummingbird Food
1 cup sugar
3 cups water
Bring to a boil in a small pan and allow to boil for two minutes. Remove from heat and let cool completely before filling the hummingbird feeders.


the ungourmet said...

We love hummingbirds at our house. My neighbor has a feeder in his backyard. I would love to set one up also.

Thanks for the recipe!

Sheila said...

I have only seen hummingbirds around here once or twice. I actually set up a feeder once but it dripped; or possible there was a flock of hummingbirds {I doubt it}.

I have heard that if you run out of nectar that the birds don't return in the same season. Is that true? What kind of bird feeder do you use?

The Cutest Cottage Lamps said...

Hi Monica, you have such a lovely blog, I just had to give you a Bella Award! Please stop by and check it out!

Monica said...

Sheila, I have run out of the hummingbird food before and the birds seem to always come back when I get their feeders filled up once again. And the feeder that I use is just a clear glass one that has a red plastic top, and red plastic on the bottom where they take their little drinks from. I actually got them at a yard sale for a quarter each. The hummingbirds don't seem to mind a good bargain.

Monica said...

Thank you, Marilyn, for my award! It is my first one. I will scoot on over to your blog and pick it up.

Alison said...

I've had a hummingbird feeder that I always hesitate to get out. Shame, I know! But I'm curious about wasps/hornets. Have you had any problems with those or with ants wanting the sugar water? Thanks!

Monica said...

Alison - I'm so sorry .... I was sitting on my deck this afternoon watching the hummingbirds, and all of a sudden it dawned on me that I had never answered your question! And now I won't ever know if you see this, but I will give it a try. The pesky wasps and yellow jackets are a nuisance later on in the summer. They chase the hummingbirds away at my house. I keep a yellow jacket trap nearby, and I think that cuts down on them. Other than that, I don't really know how one could keep them away. I don't have trouble with the ants.