Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer Vacation

Our home school year has come to a close, and tomorrow is our first official day of summer vacation. Now I'm typically not one that does well with change. I pretty much like everything to be the same, except when it comes to a change such as this. I can hardly wait for the sun to rise tomorrow, when I can face the day with an entirely different agenda in mind than has been for the past nine months. Gardening, sunshine, picnics, boating ....... hallelujah!!!


the ungourmet said...

We finished our home schooling a little early this year and took a mini vacation before everyone else got out of school It's less crowded this way.

Have a great summer!

Sheila said...

We still have two weeks of school remaining! But I am looking forward to the time with my children not cluttered with serious reading and writing. I love the summer, even now that I am no longer a student.