Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Schoolwork and Sunshine

When I was a little girl in school during the month of May, I can remember sitting at my desk staring out of the classroom window wishing that I could be outside in the sunshine. The school days seemed so long. Since I have been a homeschooling mom, whenever the sun is shining warm enough, we take our books outside. That is if the kids want to. On other days, when the sun is shining, but it just isn't quite warm enough to be out sitting on a blanket on the lawn, one of my daughters came up with a little game to make the lessons (mainly math) go by quickly while still getting to enjoy the fresh air. This is how it works: 5 math problems have to be finished. At that point I give her an "assignment". Usually the assignments are something like this -- run outside, skip from the front lawn to the back lawn, when you get to the back lawn do 5 cartwheels, turn around 3 times, and then skip back to the house. When she gets back to the house, she sits down to do 5 more math problems. At that point she gets another "assignment". This time it might be 3 handstands in the back yard, slide down the slide 5 times, swing back and forth on the swing 6 times, and skip backwards on your way back to the house. My daughter loves doing this. She finishes her math in record time because she is so anxious to find out what her next task will be. It also gives her a chance to be outside and get some fresh air, and most importantly a chance to enjoy the sunshine.


Sheila said...

You certainly seem like an experienced teacher! I think if everyone did things like this, children might have a bit more attentiveness to their lessons.

Anonymous said...

You are more creative than I was! When my boys were getting a bit squirmy doing their math, I'd declare a Trampoline Timeout. Usually, they'd come back ready to 'have a rest' and finish up their math problems before lunch.
--Vicki K.