Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lovely Blogs

Yesterday I received notice from Marilyn that she has given me an award. That was very kind of her -- thank you, Marilyn. Since I am fairly new to the blogging world, and not entirely familiar with all of the proper protocol that goes along with it, I will do my best here. This is my first such award, and apparently there are "rules" that come along with it. With this particular award, the rules are:

To the recipients of this award, here is what you do: Please pass this Bella Award on to 15 people who have blogs that are new to you and you think are lovely. If you don't know 15 new blogs, it's O.K. to choose a blog that you really love! Also, this award is yours to take and post on your blog side bar if you would like, just put the name of the person giving it to you beneath. Enjoy and congratulations!

I don't know of 15 "new" lovely blogs, so after thinking on it a bit, I am going to pass this award on to three blogs that I read that fall under the category of being "lovely" blogs.

1. Sheila of Alice and the Mock Turtle posts wonderful recipes, cooking tips, and decorating ideas. Her pictures are amazing.

2. Jennie and Julie at Tending our Gardens. The whole purpose of their blog is finding beauty in their every day lives.

3. Knot Garden is the place to go if you want to be inspired by beautiful handwork. She is quite talented, and her photography is also amazing.

So here is your award ladies -- thank you for blessing me with all of your talents.

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Sheila said...

Thank you so much! Your words are more than kind:)