Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Joyful Adventures

I went on a very joyful adventure this past Saturday. I was able to attend the "Sisters' Sale" that the Farm Chicks had posted about. Actually my sister, Kass, is a good friend of "the sisters" so I had already heard about the sale last year after the fact. Kass promised to let me know when it would be happening this year so we could go together. And together we went, along with my mom and one of my daughters. I think we spent nearly two hours browsing through vintage linens, dishes, jewelry, scarves, books, buttons, etc. I came home with many treasures - most of which I have exciting plans for. As I refurbish, embellish, and refinish my new treasures, I will be sure and share them here. However, my very first treasure I want to share is this little book. I bought it solely on the basis of its name. After all, who wouldn't want a book by this title.

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the ungourmet said...

It's terrific that you caught the sale! That book looks like a great find!