Monday, February 16, 2009

Gift Card Tins

Whenever I am shopping at Michael's, I always notice the cute gift card tins that they have hanging by the register. Sometimes the tins are very cute, but I can't really think of a reason to buy one. However, last month when all of their Christmas items went on clearance, I noticed that they had a big pile of Christmas gift card tins for only 50 cents a piece. I began digging through the pile, and managed to find a few that seemed like they would work anytime of the year (well, except for the one with snowflakes .... but I liked it anyway). I bought several, and gave one to each of my girls. I immediately took mine and decided it would be a great place to keep small sewing supplies that I need with my current embroidery project. I placed a piece of felt in the bottom, and added embroidery needles, floss, and a pair of scissors. The tin just gets tossed right into my project bag, and so I know I will always have what I need when I want to work on that particular project. I happen to have other bags with projects in various stages of completion, and thought if I could have a tin in each one with items necessary for working on each particular project, that would be very handy. One of my girls has used her tin for keeping hair clippies, bobby pins, and quarters in. Why quarters, I'm not really sure, but I'm sure she has a good reason. Another daughter keeps drawing supplies in hers. We also thought they would make great containers for small first aid kits, and even sewing repair kits. They seem to have so many possibilities. Besides, you can really find cute gift card tins, and it is just fun to actually have a reason to justify buying one.


Sheila said...

I've seen these and have thought they were a bit much for a gift card but you have put them to excellent use. Great thinking!

Peter Jones said...

Yes, cute. Good ideas.