Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Vintage Decals

This morning I discovered a website that sells vintage decals. In glancing through it, I saw some really cute decals. Since vintage decorating is so popular right now, I thought that I should share the link. It is called Sweet Gal Decals. (If this link doesn't work, try just going to Here is just a sample of one of their many, many choices. Is this cute, or what!

I discovered this site after stumbling upon The Vintage Mommy blog. She has a category on her blog entitled Vintage Thursdays. The wheels are turning in my head as to how I could use some of these decals. They have great possibilities.


Sweet Gal said...

THANKS for the mention!

Sheila said...

These are really cute; they remind me of my daughter Melissa. She loves things like this, and I can imagine her decorating her kitchen (when she has one) in a vintage style. I saw these great red and white old diner booths at the thrift store and almost bought them to keep for her use one day. I think that would have been much but they would make a great kitchenette!

Glad you liked the asparagus:)

Peter Jones said...

So, what kinds of things would these be good for? I'm not too familiar with decal use. They look neat.

Monica said...

Julie, I am trying to think of some reason to use them. I keep a lot of things in glass jars. It would brighten up the jars to use some cute decals. I have also been considering ways to revitalize my spices so that they don't look so ordinary. If I come up with a good idea, I will post a picture of it.