Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Sometime in the past, I came across a small box of valentines that I had saved from my childhood. I don't even remember saving them; but somehow they have managed to follow me to this point in my life. Some of them are dated, and I estimate them to be from my 2nd and 3rd grade years.

Here is just a sample of some of them:
My girls and I have had a lot of fun looking through them. The illustrations are so cute.
I don't know how the schools do it in this day and age; but when I was a little girl, a week or so before Valentine's Day, our teacher would set a big decorated box up in the classroom with a little slit cut in the top of it. As each of us would finish our valentine's throughout the week, we would put them in the box. Towards the end of the afternoon on Valentine's Day, we would put all of our books away. Our teacher would open up the box, and pass out all of the cards inside. We would always make a card for every student in the class, including a big one for the teacher. This festivity would be accompanied with juice and cookies. I can remember what a fun party it always was.

I'm so glad that I managed to save all of these throughout the years. I think I will try to frame some of them some day; but for now we are just enjoying going through the little box.


Anonymous said...

Those are so cute :)
I love looking through them with you, all the pictures are very cute. I really like the one that says "Your My Honey Lamb". Very Cute!!!!!
Tons of Love,
Clara Grace

Peter Jones said...

What a fun thing to share. I love old things. It's so interesting to see how things used to be done. Great pictures.