Friday, February 20, 2009

Cranberry Orange Muffins

I have mentioned in a prior post about one of my newest favorite cookbooks. It is "The Sweet Melissa Baking Book". I originally found it at our local library, and enjoyed it so much, one of my daughters bought it for me as a Christmas gift.

Recently, I was in a muffin mood, and decided to try her Sweet Muffins recipe. It is a basic recipe that she recommends adding different sweet things to for a variety of muffins. I just happened to have a partial package of cranberries left over from Christmas, so I used those up in it along with the grated zest of one orange. They were really good. The muffin tins are filled completely full, which I wondered about at the time; but they baked up so nicely making a perfect crown on the top of each one.

The cranberries added a little tartness, but because of the sweetness of the muffins, they were a perfect blend.


Sheila said...

I recognize this cookbook; my Melissa made some cupcakes from it recently. They were very tasty.
These look so, too.

Peter Jones said...

Yum! Looks mmmmm good!

Jennie and Julie said...

Your photos of the muffins are really makes me be in a muffin mood too. Thanks for sharing the photos and recipe.