Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Snowy Day

Yesterday morning when I woke up at about 6:00 a.m., the snow had begun to fall. Prior to this snowstorm, we already had a couple of inches, but nothing significant. This morning when I woke up, we had close to 3 feet of snow on the ground! It has snowed for the greater part of the day, finally stopping just a couple of hours ago. It has been an absolutely gorgeous day. Of course we have spent the greater part of it shoveling, thanks to our neighbors that loaned us their shovels (ours have mysteriously disappeared somewhere throughout the course of the year).

In this picture, if you look real close at the base of the trees, you will see the very top of a fence post of a 3 foot high fence.

This was the beautiful sight that greeted me early this morning looking out my kitchen window onto my deck:

And the playground ...

The cars in the midst of being found ....

And as darkness began to fall this evening, the driveway was finally cleared, some of the snow pulled off of the roof, and we could actually open our gate.

And the fun thing about it all .... we are supposed to get another possible 10 inches tonight. I love winter!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, that is absolutely gorgeous! We've only had about an inch of snow so far this year. I'd love three feet!


Sheila said...

The snow is gorgeous! I am envious; we don't get snow until January usually. Maybe it will be sooner this year.

Annie said...

Oh I am jealous! I really miss the snow, Christmas just isn't the same when its in the 60's or 70's. Not very winter-y! Have fun and stay warm! Time for some hot cocoa!
Love, Annie

Jennie and Julie said...

Hi Monica- Love your snowy photo's..we have a lot too, but not as much as you do. I especially love the photo of the cars, that shows how really deep your snow is. It's snowing again now..(Sat. night) and we are expecting a lot more.
Thanks for your comment about my 'vintage' christmas, I no longer have any of my toys left. Just a few dolls clothes, and the doll bed. It was a cute little stove, you're right!

addiejerry said...

Hi Monica,
I am trying again with my blog,
but I have a lot to learn. Yours is so much fun to follow.
How did you set it up so that you don't use your last name. That's what I want to do but don't know where to go.
Snowy night