Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Napkins

Last year I bought a new Christmas tablecloth, and had wanted to also buy the cloth napkins to match. At the time, they didn't have enough of them, but I just bought what they had, and kept my eye out for any extras. Sure enough, after Christmas, they tossed some more into the clearance section, and I eventually had enough to complete my collection. So this year I was able to set my table with matching tablecloth and napkins.

One of my daughters received a napkin folding book for Christmas, and so she was happy to practice with a new design. When it came time for dinner, all of our place settings looked just like this (well, except for the fork being placed too high -- all of the place settings didn't have that special feature)

My daughter thought that a great idea for next year will be to buy some inexpensive and colorful Christmas ornaments to place in the middle of each napkin. On each ornament we will write the name of each guest with some kind of glittery pen, and that will serve as the place card. I can just picture it now. In fact I think I should take advantage of all of the sales going on at present to purchase some inexpensive ornaments in order to carry out this vision. It sounds pretty cute to me.

And as a side note, just in case someone is wondering why I have a yellow dish along with my red dish ..... I used my Fiesta dishes to serve our Christmas dinner on. I have a great variety of colors, and they actually looked quite festive.


Sheila said...

How did she get the napkins to stay in that shape? I love the idea of the "place card", you should do that. How creative.

Anonymous said...

My 18yo has been collecting Fiestaware since she was 13. She has quite a collection now! And hers are all different colors, too. Your table looks very pretty!


Monica said...

Sheila, I don't know how she folded these napkins to stay in this shape. I will have to have her show me how she did it.

And to "Woman of the House" -- I think it is wonderful that your daughter has already been collecting her dishes! I have never thought of doing that with my daughters. What a great way to be prepared for the day she sets up her own household.

Anonymous said...

My daughter was excited about the idea when I first suggested it to her. She chose Fiestaware because of its West Virginia connection (we live in WV) and because it can be found in thrift shops and antique stores, which makes for fun bargain hunting. She usually gets additions to her collection on her birthday and Christmas. My soon to be 12yo daughter just chose Pfaltzgraff's Yorktowne and got her first set for Christmas. It can also frequently be found in thrift shops, etc. In fact, we just bought ten cups and saucers at Goodwill for $5! It was so much fun to stumble upon them! We love the tradition of the hope chest, too, and the dishes make a great addition. :-)