Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Good Life

I recently came across this picture here, and thought how much fun it would be if this could be a reality. Just imagine, you look beautiful, your hair is perfect, you are wearing a darling dress with cute shoes. The house is very tidy, you have a bouquet of beautiful flowers to enjoy (probably picked from your perfect flower garden), and you have time to sit in a comfy chair with a comfy pillow, and sew. And of course there is a hand stitched picture hanging on the wall. I love it.


Ashley and Jessica said...

This looks very nice! Another thing about this lovely lady is her perfect hair. With the rain today, my hair is doing it's own thing, even though I used a very hot straightener. I would much rather be beautiful, relaxed, and working on a sewing project, as opposed to working on my homework!

Anonymous said...

I really relate to this sweet picture...........I think that "hand work" does give you a feel for a time when life was slow and a bit more simple.

Monica said...

I agree with you so much. With today's fast paced, activity filled days, it is hard to find time to just sit down and do some hand work. Quite the contrast from back then when it was a regular part of most women's lives.