Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Teeny Tiny Scarf

Before Christmas gets too far behind us, I just wanted to share one little gift that I received.  It was from my youngest daughter, and was given to me as an advent gift.  You see each day leading up to Christmas I leave her a little gift and note on her doorknob before she wakes up; and then she leaves little gifts and notes for me on the stairs leading up to my bedroom.  One day I received the cutest scarf that she had knit.  In fact it is a very teeny tiny scarf knit on toothpicks.  I just love it!  And even though it won't be keeping me warm during this winter, it definitely warms my heart.


koralee said...

Oh my goodness....how adorable!!! I say that is a treasure to keep my friend.

What a sweet sweet idea.

Hugs. xoxox

Kar said...

That is just too cute! What a sweet girl. :)

Libbie said...

Knit with toothpicks!!! I never heard of that! How dainty & special! I can't even imagine the talent that goes into that! Pretty cool!