Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Left Behind

When Christmas is over, it  always seems to take a little longer to get all of the Christmas decorations down and put away.  It just isn't as fun to take them down as to put them up ... nothing cheery about that at all, just a feeling of wanting to get things cleaned up and put back in order.  So in contrast to decorating for Christmas, I just begin to gather things from here and there and start putting them away in their boxes.  After I thought I had all of my decorations put away this year, one of my daughter's brought to my attention my large crock that sits under my desk.  It seems that there was still a bit of celebrating going on that I had forgotten about.


Libbie said...

I like your little celebration tucked away :)

It is such a chore isn't it! Putting it all away! Hope you got done & put your fet up :)

Tanks for the congrats! It is coming too fast! :)

Kathy said...

I always forget something too. I find it much easier to take it all down, than putting it all up! xxx