Thursday, January 20, 2011

Staying Warm

I love the fact that I can buy hand and toe warmers in bulk at Costco.  This winter I have taken advantage of them while shopping in the cold before Christmas, shoveling snow, and walking out in the snow.  It makes spending time outside in the cold much more enjoyable; and from looking outside at this moment, it looks like I will be making use of them today as well. 


Maria said...

I love those hand and foot warmers and use them all the time (I live in CT). I have a funny story about them. I was heading to Pittsburgh to watch my first Steeler game, so of course, I packed hand and foot warmers (no brainer, right??). They stopped me going through the airport security and made me open my bag...I had no idea what they were looking for - They pulled out the warmers and confiscated them...WHY?? Because the stuff that makes them warm is like gun powder and it is illegal to take on a plane??? I didn't know!!! ;)

koralee said...

great idea!!!! Stay warm this friday my sweet friend.