Saturday, June 27, 2009

Zucchini Art

I had a bit of a late start planting my garden this year. It is all coming up very nicely though. Each day I just have to go take a look to see how much everything has grown; and each day I am not disappointed -- everything is just a little bit taller. One of the vegetables that I plant each year is zucchini. It typically grows so quickly, and provides such an abundant harvest. My zucchini isn't anywhere near to producing yet this year; however, I did come across a picture of a zucchini that I had grown in a previous year. This particular zucchini was a bit difficult to obtain because it had wrapped itself around the vine in a very unusual manner. Once I brought it in the house, I was quite surprised to see how it looked so much like a duck (at least in my eyes).


Jennifer D said...

That is the most beautiful Zuch I have ever seen. it seems... loving.

Addie said...

I love the picture of the duck
zucchini. What fun.
Addie. I now have 1 follower. Yea

the ungourmet said...

How funny. It does look like a duck!

The Library Lady said...

Yes...Quack, Quack! Amazing and very cool.

The Library Lady
Take surprise and delight in the little things.

tales from an oc cottage said...

How funny!

m ^..^

Wendy said...

Wow!... that does look like a duck or a dove. By the way your picure used on your profile of the little girl is really cute!
Mrs Peeks Farmhouse