Monday, June 8, 2009

The Big Show

On Saturday my sister, Kass, and I had a wonderful day enjoying The Farm Chicks Show. Kass has attended once before, but this was my first year. It was quite amazing. In fact it was rather overwhelming. There were so many vendors, and so many beautiful things to look at. Of course I forgot my camera, and was left to take pictures with my phone. They didn't turn out that great, but here are a few highlights:

Dyed crinoline half slips. Don't these just make you wish you could play dress up all over again!

Amazing Christmas creations from vintage ornaments:

Birds' nests -- lots of them:

Mirrors made out of china plates (some matching, some not):

And this little sweetie:

There were even the world's best brownies for sale. Literally, those brownies were so delicious!!

We roamed from booth to booth for about four hours, enjoying every minute of it. At one point we even glanced down and noticed that we were both wearing the same shoes. Now if that doesn't make us kindred spirits, I don't know what does.

We have decided to make The Farm Chicks Show an annual tradition. The brownies alone would make it a worthwhile trip.


Florence said...

Yes those slips do make you want to play dress up. I did buy a slip that was not so ruffly and wore it on Sunday under my skirt, that I had to row up so the slip would show. I had so much fun. I took my fellow farm girl friends. I will post some photos soon.

Peter Jones said...

So fun! I love that you had the same shoes on too!

Anonymous said...

Here I am stuck in North Florida. I have some envy problems today. Glad you got to go and glad you had a great time with your sister.

The Library Lady

Sheila said...

I am certain that your time was incredible but the pictures alone are inspirational. The slips remind me of square dancing with my mom. She had them in tons of different colors. I wonder what ever happened to them....