Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Button Jar Stories

I just love buttons. There are so many different varieties out there, both old and new. My mother-in-law has a big jar full of buttons that she has collected over the years. When my children were younger and visiting their grandparents, they loved to go get Grandma's button jar and dump it out on the floor. They would sort through all of the buttons, and would keep entertained for a long time in this fashion. Recently my daughters took some pictures of her collection. Here is a shot peering down into the same jar that they have been kept in for years:

And here are a few buttons that came off of a karakul coat that my mother-in-law wore as a very young girl. It was a favorite of hers, as well as her dog (a German Shepherd). She has told us a story of how the dog got a hold of that coat one day (while she was still in it), and dragged her around the house. I think maybe the sheep's wool in the coat just smelled all too real to the dog. The coat was ruined, but she managed to save the buttons.

Her button jar is full of stories, which make them so much more of a treasure. I think we could randomly pick a button out of the jar, show it to her, and she would immediately smile while delighting us with another of her wonderful stories.


the ungourmet said...

Those are so wonderful!It's great that you have them. I love buttons too!

The Library Lady said...

Neat. I love buttons too. My original collection started with my Grandmother's button can. The can is an old Jewel Tea can and it is full of buttons - mostly from the depression era through 1960s. I pick up some every once in a while but I don't mix them with my Grandmother's buttons. I like to keep her button can just the way it was. Yours are just lovely.

Florence said...

Great buttons, I love to go through a button jar and find all the treasures of the different styles of buttons.

Sheila said...

I too love to collect buttons. What a terrific idea for a history collection to one day share stories with family and friends about the various buttons.

I really like those ones shaped like a four petaled flower with a different color on each petal. Cute!

Nancy Wilson said...

I spent many an hour as a little girl, looking through this very jar of buttons! It is indeed a treasure.