Thursday, June 11, 2009

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

I am not one for paying attention to advertisements or commercials. In fact when I am watching TV, I typically zone out the commercials. Someone in my family may make a comment about a commercial, and my usual response is that I wasn't paying attention. I really don't feel like I have missed out on much by not paying attention; but recently, my attention was caught by two new products. Actually I have a feeling they aren't new products at all. In fact after reading this, many of you may be thinking something like "oh yes, I have been using those for years."

The first product was something that my two oldest daughters told me about. They clean their grandparent's house each week, and were looking for something to use on the floors that would make that task easier. They came up with the Swiffer Wet Jet.

I tried it at home, and instantly saw the advantages. I have continued to use a mop bucket filled with water, and a mop for years. It works in the summer because I can just empty the water outside; but in the winter, I just don't like pouring all of that dirty water down the drains. Because whatever drain I poured it down, then I felt it a necessity to clean out the sink immediately because of what was just poured down it. So mopping the floor really did feel like a chore, and not one I ever felt very cheerful doing. But with my new mop, the entire process goes so quickly. I realize that there is an added expense by using one of these, but for me it is totally worth it. I love the way it cleans, and the ease in which the cleaning gets done. You can, by the way, get a coupon from their website if you want to give it a try.

My next eye opening product has been Oxiclean. I have my various favorite stain removers that sit on my shelf. When I have a stain, I go through them in order, until one of them works. This summer though my youngest daughter got a stain on her new white shirt that none of my products even touched. I had remembered reading about Oxiclean (I think on the Farm Chicks blog) and so I purchased a small sample of it. I followed the directions for pre-treating and soaking stains, and I was amazed. Not even a tiny speck of the stain was left. I am definitely sold on this product, and am hoping I can buy a Costco size of it next time I am in town.


Anonymous said...

Be careful with the Oxyclean. It will remove colors from fabrics sometimes as well as the stain. Ask me how I know . . .


Monica said...

To "woman of the house" -- thanks so much for the tip! I will use caution in the future.

Rebecca said...

oh dear me! Monica~ I don't even remember the contest so it will be an especially wonderful surprise to recieve it! Thank you SO much for not discounting me when I didn't get back to you, which any person had a right to do!

My email address is (I can't believe I didn't LEAVE it!) and when you email me, I will send my address.

Once again, I am SO sorry for the oversight and SO appreciative that you came by for a visit to share the good news. YAY! You made my day!