Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Even though we woke up to a snowy morning yesterday with snow sticking to the ground, it was a definite sign of spring when the sun came out and all of the snow had melted by late morning. The sun has also been shining through my windows revealing that they are in desperate need of a good washing. Winter is over - spring has arrived at last. It is time once again to muster up the energy needed to tackle the spring cleaning. The reward is great though once this yearly task is completed. But for me, I'm always wondering just exactly where to get started. This year the windows have definitely been bumped to the number one spot.

There are many places on the internet where spring cleaning tips can be found, but here are a few of my favorites. The Farm Chicks have begun their cleaning, and even if you aren't interested in getting any particular tips, you ought to just pop over there if only to see the cute picture that they used for their post. Fly Lady is another popular spot for cleaning tips, as well as Tipnut. In addition to cleaning tips, Tipnut also lists many links where you can find household recipes for a wide variety of household cleaners.

I am of the opinion that when you set your mind to doing particular chores, you might as well do them cheerfully. Here is a photo of a very happy woman tending to all of her duties. I won't be wearing pretty dresses as she is while cleaning; but I will be trying to do them with a smile.


Ashley and Jessica said...

Good Morning,
I love these pictures! If wearing a pretty dress would help me be happy about cleaning, then maybe I better try it. But first I have to clean out my closet... and then the drawers...oh well it was a good thought!

Jennie and Julie said...

Thanks for the tips Monica. I will check out these web sites, esp. always looking for good household recipes for cleaners. I actually love to clean...esp. since I now have time to do it. I'm with you...the windows are at the top of my list. I also love to hang out the laundry in April...that's what make me think Spring is here.

Sheila said...

Spring seems to be teasing us around here. We have had some beautiful 60 degree days, then some quite cold and rainy 40 degree days. This morning I woke to ice on our windshields and hearing of another hard frost tonight. I had hoped to enlist the help of my family for spring cleaning over Easter break, but our time went into other things. So I am on my own. I will try to be happy, though.

Kim G. said...

I love this happy little homemaker!!