Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Bad Day at School

In trying to continue on my spring cleaning quest, I have been helping my youngest daughter go through her room. She has responded wonderfully, and hasn't even balked at some of the things I have suggested we either throw away or send to the thrift store. She is a little pack rat, and I think has kept nearly every little slip of paper that anyone has ever given her.

We have also come across quite a few little stories that she has written here and there. I save those because they are so cute. (Maybe it is from me that she has received her idea of saving nearly everything). In reading through her stories, I think she just might possibly be a writer some day. Ever since she was quite young, she would enjoy sitting down and just writing about various topics. The other day we came across this little slip of paper that she had written several years ago. All I can think is that it must have been at the end of a tough day of school. I have always home schooled her, and so I am hoping that instead this was just a little piece of fiction she dreamed up. She doesn't remember why she wrote it, but it certainly gave us a good laugh.


Sheila said...

That is priceless! I love looking through keepsakes from my children; stories and notes are the best:)

Anonymous said...

Monica, had a great chuckle over that one. What goes through their minds at times one can only guess!! I love the mailbox notes addressed to "Miss Morgan, basement floor, second bed, Castle land"...etc. And the traumatic events about which they must inform the recipient. And I thought you were having one of those pull your hair out days!!! Queen Lucy

Annie said...

Ha! I'm sure there is no link between you and the teacher Carissa in the note! But that is too funny, and super cute.