Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Practical Gift

Gift baskets have many possibilities. Typically they are theme oriented, which is a very fun thing to receive. But sometimes a blend of many things can be especially fun to give and receive. My sweet mom just had a birthday; and so I decided to give her a gift basket filled with practical things. It was filled with tea, cotton yarn, sugar free candy, a new dish towel, note cards, a package of colorful pens, stickers, forever stamps, and new slippers. At least that is what I can remember that went into it. I didn't get a picture after it was all wrapped up, but one of my daughters had a great idea for the wrapping. We purchased a yard of blue and a yard of purple tulle, and wrapped that around the basket. It was then tied with blue and white polka dot two inch wide ribbon. Even though you can see through the tulle around the basket, it really did make for a pretty presentation.


Sheila said...

This is a great idea. I need to give a couple of smaller gifts and this could easily be tailored to a smaller budget. Your wrapping idea sounds beautiful. I love polka dots and blue is such a beautiful color for spring.

Megan said...

You always have such great ideas for gifts! I bet Mom was thrilled with her special basket full of goodies!