Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pie Birds

A few years ago, I happened upon a couple of cute pie birds. I thought how fun it would be to pull a hot pie out of the oven and have a cute pie bird sitting in the middle of it. To be quite honest though, I have never used mine. It is not that I haven't wanted to though. Typically, I will finish off my pie with the top crust, and then think of it. It is my understanding that you want to set a pie bird in the middle of your bottom crust before you add the filling. The top crust is then placed over the top of the bird with a hole in the crust where the bird fits through. I have even read that when your pie is done, the bird will sing as a result of the steam going through it. I think that might only work with certain birds, although I am not certain. In the meantime, I use mine for decoration. My red cardinal is out in the winter months, while my sweet little bluebird is out in the spring and summer months. They look very sweet sitting next to a vase of flowers. At the present time though I have both of them out because even though it is March 8th, and spring is supposedly almost upon us, our snow has never left; and in fact it has been snowing both last night and this morning. So while we are waiting for warmer spring weather, both of my little birds will be gracing my kitchen with their presence.

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Peter Jones said...

Your pie birds are adorable. :-)