Monday, March 2, 2009

Cinnamon Toast

When I was growing up, occasionally we would have cinnamon toast for breakfast. It's not the healthiest of breakfasts, but when we would have it, it was certainly a treat. I have also continued the tradition with my kids. Just in case there might be some of you not familiar with what cinnamon toast is, it is simply a piece of buttered toast sprinkled with a mixture of cinnamon and sugar. My mom always had a mixture of cinnamon and sugar on hand in her pantry. Making the mix is so simple. I just take some white sugar and mix in cinnamon until it is just the right color. You can actually buy a jar of cinnamon sugar in the grocery store by the spices. I found that very surprising the first time that I saw it because I couldn't imagine anyone paying for the mixture when it is so easy to make. I have always just kept my mix in a jar or a small plastic container until I found this cute little bear:

I purchased him from King Arthur Flour, and it really does make having cinnamon toast that much more special having a little cinnamon bear to keep the mix in.


Jennie and Julie said...

We must have grown up in the same my Mom also made cinnamon toast and we loved it when she did. She would often broil the toast for a few seconds after making it so that the sugar would melt and bubble. : ) YUM!

Sheila said...

I love cinnamon toast, but I hardly ever make it. It is funny, my children will make it and say it reminds them of grandma (my mom).

I think it is much healthier than a pop-tart! I had a friend when I was about eight. Her mom would give her bread and butter with sugar on it as an afternoon snack.

fosterheartsathome said...

So were you raised in IN? We grew up with the same it's always a back up breakfast for when we run out of everything else!

Monica said...

Jennie - I will have to try broiling the toast, that sounds really good.

Sheila - I never thought of it, but you are right, it is healthier than a pop tart (of which I am guilty of buying now and then)

Fosterheartsathome - I was born and raised in Idaho; but I'm beginning to think that cinnamon toast just must be a common tradition all across the country.