Thursday, October 1, 2009

Zinnias, Part 3 (Saving the Seeds)

I've mentioned before the fascination I have with saving seeds. It is a wonderment that I know I will never tire of. To finish up my little mini-series about zinnias, I thought I would show any of you that might be interested, how to save seeds from your own zinnias. The process is very simple, and takes very little of your time. To begin with, you want to clip a zinnia blossom that is past its prime, such as this one:

At this point, I usually just let the old blossom sit for a day to let it dry out completely. My typical routine is to place the old blossom in a brown paper bag that I have labeled with the type and color of flower, along with the year.

Pull out the old petals, and you will see small arrowhead shaped seeds at the base of each petal. A number of the seeds will already be detached. You can gently shake them up in a bag to help loosen the petals from the seeds.

Discard the remaining flower parts; and place your newly collected seeds into an envelope, small plastic bag, or a container of your choice. I store mine in a cool, dark garage until next spring when it is time for planting.

If any of you decide to really embark on this adventure, I would love to see your results next spring.


koralee said...

oh thank you so much...I do have a few in my garden and would love to save the seeds...I adore these flowers. Thanks for your lovely comments you left on my blog the other day!

Florence said...

Thank you, I didn't get any to grow this year, the slugs decided they needed them more than me, so I will ask some friends if I can save seed from theirs. I also loved your holly hock how to. Thank you. Florence

Maria said...

I had no idea that it was that easy...Thank you!

Sheila said...

I have a bunch of flowers that look like zinnias but aren't. I think the same process would work so I will try.