Monday, October 5, 2009

Harvesting in Miniature

I have been blessed with an abundance of fruits and vegetables this year. As I write this, I literally have bowls and bowls and bowls of plums awaiting their fate (jam for most of them), a box of pears almost ripe enough to be working with, zucchini sitting ever so patiently waiting to be turned into bread, and lots of tomatoes for salsa. Even though it can seem overwhelming at times, I just love having all of this abundance around. It is the whole point of planting the garden in the spring, right? And as a sweet reminder of this blessed time, I have a miniature clay figure of a little lady standing amongst her harvest.

She is so sweet, and filled with detail. To give you something to compare her size with, here she is with a cherry tomato behind her:

I picked her up at a local craft/art show last summer; and never tire at looking at all of the amazing detail that she is comprised of. The artist is Elayne Watrus; and here is her website showing all of her creations "The Little Street Collection". Elayne didn't make it back to our yearly art show this year -- I looked for her specifically hoping to find a little friend for my sweet little gardening lady.


Sheila said...

Ooh, she is so cute! I like the cherry tomato; it looks like it unexpectedly grew in her garden.

I haven't been reading blogs for quite a while; nice to check in again.

The Library Lady said...

How very sweet & cute. I'm pretending that she won the ribbon for the largest tomato at the fair.

The Library Lady
"Take surprise and delight in the little things"

Jennifer D said...

Sweet little lady.